Born and raised in the south of France, Aubane Berthommé Martinez started to study fine arts in Caen. As a young adult, she questioned her status of woman in the French society, exploring this subject in her artistic research. After her graduation in fine arts bachelor she chose to leave her country to Canada, in order to confront her practice to a more militant behavior. After one year in Montreal, she got a visual arts and media bachelor, and she wanted to discover a new artistic and cultural environment. The desire to question and rethink the documentary and political aspect of her photographs brought her to the Netherlands where she achieved a photography master. Presently living in Rotterdam, she keeps confronting her research-based practice to new contexts and environments, and shares her passion for [engaged] art as a curator and art producer.

Education and Diplomas

Photography master diploma in St Joost Academy
Breda and ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
August 2016- June 2018


Bachelor diploma in visual arts and media in UQAM
Montréal (Canada)
August 2015- May 2016


DNAP (Bachelor diploma in fine arts and media) in ESAM Caen Cherbourg
Caen (France)
September 2012- June 2015


Sociology and anthropology courses in Unicaen (University)
Caen (France)
September 2014- December 2014


High school diploma (French baccalauréat) in Economic and Social Sciences, specialized mathematics and fine arts in Lycée Elie-Vinet
Barbezieux Saint-Hilaire (France)
September 2009- July 2012

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