Aubane Berthommé Martinez is a Rotterdam based artist, curator, and a million of other things. As a multidisciplinary artist, she uses various mediums (mainly photography and painting) to explore, question, and re-construct elements defining one’s identity (gender, sexuality, perceived race, positioning in contemporary capitalism system…). Her visual aesthetics combine pop culture, poetry, kitsch and extravagance.


In 2020 she created Squish, a queer and feminist platform and collective organizing cultural events. Via Squish, she organizes podcasts, exhibitions, workshops, and parties, all related to LGBTQIA+ identities.

Education and Diplomas

Photography master at St Joost Academy
Breda and ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
Graduated in June 2018


Bachelor in visual arts and media at UQAM
Montréal (Canada)
Graduated in May 2016


DNAP (Bachelor in fine arts and media) at ESAM Caen Cherbourg
Caen (France)
Graduated in June 2015


Sociology and anthropology courses in Unicaen (University)
Caen (France)
September 2014- December 2014


High school in Economic and Social Sciences, specialized mathematics and fine arts at Lycée Elie-Vinet
Barbezieux Saint-Hilaire (France)
Graduated in July 2012 (baccalauréat)

A few words on queerness

I consider queerness as a conscious identity process, aiming to embrace non dominant genders/sexualities and deconstructing hetornormative/cisnormative dynamics. Queer spaces are for me safe bubbles where individuals can express, question, and learn about each other’s queerness. I do not limit my approach to genders and sexualities, but to all aspects defining one’s identity such as race or social class.

Making and exhibiting queer art is my way to engage with politics and activism. I approach it as something similar to journalism: a subjective interpretation of reality, resulting from interaction with a specific historical/cultural/sociological context. It’s a necessary and empowering tool raising awareness and improving both present and future.