Podcast host and interviewer: series of podcasts about queerness, feminism, gender and sexualities; interviews with local artists

Squish radio on WORM radio

Since March 2021


Interviewer of Katie Hovencamp
Published by Squish, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
August 2020 

Interviewer of Susanne Khalil Yusef: https://worm.org/interview-susanne-khalil-yusef/
Published by WORM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
November 2019

Interviewer of Heidi Hörstruz: https://worm.org/interview-heidi-hosturz/
Published by WORM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
October 2019


Interviewer of Élisa Colette Chéradame: https://worm.org/worm-interview-with-filmmaker-and-resident-artist-elisa-colette-cheradame/
Published by WORM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
September 2019


Guest speaker at How to Catch a UFO: Discussion on law quality images and pop culture
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
June 2019


Interviewer and moderator at Face to Face: Anastasia Shin: Public talk with the artist Anastasia Shin

WORM S//ash Gallery, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
May 2019


Interviewer and moderator at WORM Pirate Bay Time + Destruction: Public talk on time and destruction, with the artists Catinca Tilea and Philip Vermeulen

WORM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
February 2019


Moderator at Society of Spectacle’s Evolution: Public discussion on the power of images and contemporary visions of Debord theories
Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
February 2019


Guest teacher: Conducting a workshop on art and political theories to first year master students in photography and fine arts
AKV St Joost Master institute, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
January 2019 


Guest speaker at What’s my Kounterculture?: Public discussion on counterculture organized by Wavey Cartel and KONTRA Festival

WORM, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
November 2018 

Workshop instructor: Designing and conducting a workshop for photography bachelor students
AKV St Joost Kunstacademie, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
May 2018 

Host and cultural mediator at Feminist Art Fest: Volunteer

Amsterdam (Netherlands)
May 2018


Workshop instructor: Designing and conducting a workshop for photography bachelor students
AKV St Joost Kunstacademie, Breda (Netherlands)
May 2017


Guest speaker at Tbilisi State Academy art School: Presentation of a research project about an LGBT association
Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Tbilisi (Georgia)
February 2017


Workshop instructor: Exhibition and discussions about art with prisoners of a penitentiary
GENEPI, Caen (France)
June 2016


Host and cultural mediator at VIVA!: Volunteer

Montréal (Canada)
October 2015