Why and how the private is political? Does the gender really exist? What are the codes and symbols of masculinity and femininity? Is the eroticism political? Is the couple political? Can we really get rid of social norms? Is the identity always political? In which contexts can we show a nude body?

These questions summarize my visual and conceptual research. I am an engaged artist who wants to question and show how the construction of our identity is framed by social norms. I am especially fascinated with the way our cultural and social environment influences our intimacy (including our sexuality), our perception of gender norms and the representation of men and women. I express these fascinations by analyzing and deconstructing the notions of masculinity and femininity and how they are depicted. I am presently playing with notions of the gaze (how we project our subjectivity on people and «essentialize»/objectify them) by turning my lens toward the male figure, reversing and twisting the projections on gender representation. I consider art as something similar to journalism, but even more powerful: it’s a strong political and social tool, coming from a friction with our social environment, and here to share society visions and questionings.

© Aubane Berthommé Martinez