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This is the beginning of something wrong.


The Trash Gallery is a platform aiming to show and sell bad, wrong, or failed art.

Featured works: visual art, sound art, music, performance, text, fashion.

Digital formats are not accepted, . An analogue copy has to be furnished for the auction.

The gallery doesn't feature rejected or unsuccessful art, but works that are disapproved by their maker. 

Auctions take place in Rotterdam.

Bidding will always start from two cents, everybody is welcome to participate.

When a work is sold, a contract is made between The Trash Gallery and the buyer. Half of the price goes to the artist.

Just after the conclusion of the sale, the artwork is live destroyed by the auctioneer. The buyer will receive a video of the destruction by email, and a stamped and signed envelope or box containing the rests of the artwork.

The Trash Gallery is a sarcastic and irreversible solution for artist's ego and storage issues, but it's still a solution.